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Our commitments and values: sharing, creativity and authenticity

Since the creation of Chabi Chic, the commitment to its development in a reasoned and responsible way is a priority. This form of commitment was imposed naturally, with the will to make progress in the artisanal work and the conditions in which it is carried out. This is the reason why close partnerships have been established with a very limited number of artisanal producers.

To accompany, to support, to respect the human and environmental constraints are commitments taken and held. Our craftsmen have talent! Made in Morocco is a real national pride that Chabi Chic is working to promote.

And we share with them the fruit of our development, as well as with the teams in the offices and stores that join us in ever-increasing numbers each year. The importance of the handmade, each piece being 100% unique, is accompanied by a quality that the brand does not deviate from. Each piece leaving our workshops is checked, controlled, the requirement is strong and is part of our values.
Thanks to these ten years of experience, we are able to deliver products of very high quality. Audited several times by big names in the retail industry, we have obtained the BSCI certification which guarantees, thanks to the audits carried out, the compliance of ethical, sustainable and human production standards.

About our raw materials...

The ceramics used are made of white clay imported from Spain or Italy, as only red clay is available in Morocco. We guarantee the absence of lead in the paints used to cover all Chabi Chic ceramic objects. Indeed, this product being toxic for the organism, it is likely to migrate in the food in case of presence in the paint. The food certification is also guaranteed and approved by independent and certified laboratories.